Friday, 20 January 2012


Our Christmas advent calendar went down very well over on the twitter feed, so for 2012 we're launching a new film-related feature on our twitter account. Are you good at naming films from the quotes? Then this is the game for you!

Every week on Monday morning we'll be posting a film-quote to get your week started. If you can tell us what film it's from, we'll tweet you a round of applause! If no-one has guessed it by the end of the week we'll let you know what it was.

We'll be tagging our quizzes with #RegalFQQ so you can easily find past quotes if you want to.

It's good practice for the film-related quizzes we'll be having later in the year with actual prizes, so why not join in with our mini-film-quote-quiz now?

Look out for the first quote this coming Monday.

Happy QuoteQuizzing everyone!

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