About the HLF Project

The Regal Cinema was built in 1937 for Craven Cinemas Ltd, a cinema group based in Craven Arms, Shropshire, who owned six cinemas in the local area at the height of their success. The Regal operated as a commercial cinema until 1966, and then, faced with demolition, was bought by Tenbury Town Council in 1970 to prevent the site being cleared and used for car parking.

Under the management of the Town Council, the building had an extended stage fitted to provide a location for live entertainment and also a community centre built at the back. Volunteer groups continued to provide film showings at the Regal as well, making it a multi-use arts venue.

Now, the Heritage Lottery Fund are providing support of over £680,000 to repair and conserve the Regal Cinema and run a programme of educational activities and interpretation for the local community.  The grant money will ensure the protection of the building and its 1937 mural, a ’trompe l’oeil’ Italian scene painted by George Legge currently suffering from water damage, and ensure the Regal can be enjoyed by visitors for years to come. Improvements to the building, including access improvements and repairs to the failing auditorium roof are also covered in the project.