Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Family Fun: If you were a mural artist...

Our mural artist is hard at work at the moment restoring the George Legge murals in the auditorium. For a half-term activity, here's an exercise for your creativity (or your children's)! If you were a mural artist and could paint anything you wanted onto the walls at the Regal, what would you paint?

You can even have a go at redecorating the lino floor on this design too!

If you'd like a larger copy of the sheet, just get in touch via email and we'll send one over to you.
Any designs you or your family do (everyone is welcome!) you can submit to us and we'll feature them here on the blog. The same goes for any of the what's on drawings you do. Just email them over to us and we'll make you famous (well, amongst the people who read the blog anyway)!
Get drawing!

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