Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mystery Film 26

Congratulations to those who recognised last week's film as The Adventures of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn. Half marks to those who recognised the people's outlaw but guessed at the wrong film; there have certainly been plenty of films with Robin Hood as the title character!

Filmed mostly on location in California, this 1938 classic film probably paints a sunnier picture of medieval England than was probable. Despite that, its swashbuckling take on the English legend have made it a popular family favourite across the years. Archery is obviously a staple of any Robin Hood story, and this was also true of Adventures. To simulate the people who were shot by archers in the film, extras and stuntmen were paid $150 per arrow to be shot at whilst wearing special padded suits.

Do you recognise this week's film?

Answers in the usual way; comments here on the blog, on facebook or via twitter.

Good luck! 

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