Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Avast! It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

As the title says, it is indeed International Talk Like a Pirate Day today. To celebrate (because why wouldn't you want to celebrate talking like a pirate all day?!) we've got a special film quiz for you, on characters most piratical!

Below are pirates, some famous and some not so much, from the silver screen.
Can you name the pirate, the film and the actor for each?

We'll post the answers up some time next week, to give you chance to have a think and pass the quiz around your friends.

May the wind be in yer sails, me hearties!








If you'd like to submit your answers for marking, you can do so via twitter, facebook or here on the blog. Or you can email us if you don't want to give away your answers!

1 comment:

  1. 1. Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp
    2. Muppet Treasure Island, Long John Silver, Tim Curry
    3. Not Sure... Feel like I should!
    4. Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists, Pirate Captain, Hugh Grant
    5. Pirates of Penzance, Pirate King, Kevin Kline
    6. Hook, Captain Hook, Dustin Hoffman
    7. Princess Bride, Dread Pirate Roberts, Cary Elwes

    I'll settle for 18 out of 21 :D