Thursday, 23 May 2013

Volunteer Profiles: Usher

Welcome to the first of our volunteer profile spotlights! Today we'll be telling you a bit about what it's like to be one of our volunteers. As it's the first spotlight, we wanted to choose a position that is iconic of the cinema; the usher.

Our ushers are responsible for showing people to their seats, both before the show starts and once the film is running. If you need a hand, they're there with their torches!

An usher's working shift starts three quarters of an hour before the film begins. They help the house manager to set up for the performance, and open up the sweet counter. Once the doors open, they'll check tickets of the audience and help them find their seats. They're also the ones selling you sweets and ice cream.

Some of our ushers will leave once the film has started, but don't worry; if you've got any questions during the film, then the rest of our ushers will be there to help you. They'll stay until the very last member of the audience is gone, before they help pack up, and then go home.

We've got a fabulous dedicated and talented team of ushers at the Regal, but there's always room for more. So, if you fancy being one of the smiling faces we get so many good comments about - get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

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