Monday, 3 June 2013

Flash Fiction: G.I. Joe

We do like this week's piece, a humorous accompaniment to the action packed G.I. Joe: Retaliation. It's called Synchronised, and it's by Garrie Fletcher. Enjoy!


‘Synchronise watches.’
‘What's that mean? Is that like those swimmers? I ain't wearing no pink hat. I’m no girl.’
‘It just means set watches to the same time.’
‘Oh. I haven't got a watch.’
‘No, neither have I.’
‘Count down from a hundred and then do it.’
‘Do what?’
‘The plan. You are clear on the plan?’
‘Go on then.’
‘I'm clear on the plan.’
‘Do you know what the plan is?’
‘I've forgot.’
‘God.  A long breath. I distract mum, you sneak into the fridge...’
‘I ain't getting in the fridge...’
‘Just open the fridge door.’
‘Open the door and grab mum's chocolate.’
‘Gotcha. Then what?’
‘Just hide it. Hide it until we get to the cinema.’
‘Yes, somewhere cool.’
‘You boys are quiet, what are you up to?’
‘Shall I make some popcorn for the cinema?’
‘You don't sound bothered.’
‘Well, it’s boring with nothing on it.’
‘Yes, but its healthy, too much sugar...’
‘We know.’

At the cinema
‘Do you need the toilet?’
‘Then stop walking like a cowboy. Wait here, I won’t be long.’

‘Give me some chocolate.’
‘I’m not sure you should.’
‘Give us some.’
‘I don’t think that’s a good idea.’
‘Shut up and give. Where is it? Where’d you stash it?’
‘In my pants.’

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