Monday, 26 March 2012

Mystery film: 15 - revealed!

Another week, another mystery film!

It seems that this one struck a chord with a lot of people this week. Over on Twitter, Ian and Jenni recognised the iconic scene from E.T. Stephen tweeted us the theme song (in phoenetic dee dee, di di di di dee dee form!) and over on Facebook Vicky and David both knew this was the film to 'phone home' about.

Film fact: Harrison Ford originaly had a cameo role in the film, as 10 year old lead Elliot's headteacher. Director Steven Spielberg cut the scene from the film's original 1982 release, and though there was speculation that it would be included in the 2002 20th anniversary edition in the end it was not included there either.

We'll have another mystery film for you on Wednesday. See you then!

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