Friday, 9 March 2012

A Virtual Regal

The Regal will celebrate its 75th birthday in July this year; it's a fantastic building with so many stories to tell. We try to bring you some of the interesting ones of objects and film here on the blog, but some of the most interesting stories are the ones that its visitors remember.

Because of that, we're currently working with Field of Vision, a local web design company, to build a special interactive site that celebrates the stories of the people who have worked in and visited the Regal over the years. This site, a virtual Regal, will contain the words, photographs and voices of people who have visited the cinema over the years.

We're very excited about the site, which will allow you to explore a virtual Regal on the internet, discovering people's stories and memories as you go. Below, we've included a couple of teaser sections from some of the site artwork to whet your appetite...

Who's working late tonight?

Catching the late film?

If you've got any memories of the Regal that you'd like to share with the world then please let us know. Stories of the first film you remember seeing there, the people who you went with... whether it's from five years ago or fifty years ago, we'd love to hear from you. As well as taking your memories and publishing them for all to see on our site, we're also looking for some people to be interviewed about their stories. So if you'd like to be made famous for all time on the world wide web, now's your chance to speak up! If you'd rather remain anonymous that's fine too.

The more stories that we can collect, the more we can tell the world about the Regal.

Have you got a story to share?


  1. i shall be in england for a couple of monthes april/may.the regal was the first picture house i ever went to...1940s showing old mother rily/tarzan a child i was in a unfortunet situation so when i got a few pence for entry it was a way for me to remove myself from every day life. Bill.

    1. Hi Bill,

      I've tried emailing you but your address bounces back as unknown. Send us an email on - we'd love to give you the chance to see the Regal again before you go back abroad.