Monday, 17 October 2011

Open House Update

Well, what a fantastic turn-out to our Open House on Friday and Saturday last week! In total we had 377 people drop in and visit us across the two days, which was absolutely phenomenal; it was great to see so many people interested in the Regal and what's planned for it. We saw a lot of people from Tenbury and also from outside of the area. Thanks to everyone who turned up, and to the local newspapers and Sunshine Radio who got the word out there about the event.

I saw a few people scribbling down the blog's web address during the day, so hopefully some of you reading this now will be doing so because you dropped in at the weekend. Hello to any and all new followers!

The contractors take posession of the building today, so those of you in Tenbury will be noticing construction hoardings going up soon.

A lot of people at the weekend talked about the shows they remembered seeing at the Regal over the years, from queues around the building to see E.T. to classics like the Guns of Navarone and more recent offerings, such as the Dark Knight. What do you remember seeing at the Regal? It doesn't matter how long ago, all memories are welcome!

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