Friday, 28 October 2011

Mystery film!

I mentioned earlier in the week that you'd be seeing another use of that black and white drawing of the Regal's interior. Well, here it is.

To celebrate the greats of film history, I'll be taking iconic scenes from well-known (and perhaps not so well known, if you get too good at it) films and putting them up onto our miniature Regal screen. All you have to do is tell me what film they're from.

Unfortunately, the projectionist in our hand-drawn Regal doesn't seem to be very good at focussing the lens in the projector as the picture looks rather blurry...

As with our mystery objects, I thought I'd start out with a fairly easy one. Can you tell which film this is from?

Post your guesses either here in the comments, on twitter or on our facebook page.

I'll put up the answer on Monday, and credit all the correct guessers then.


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