Thursday, 26 April 2012

And the scaffold came down...

If you've been on Teme Street in Tenbury this week you'll have noticed that some of the scaffolding at the front of the Regal has begun to disappear, revealing the top part of the facade for the first time.

Just before the planks and boards were removed we climbed up onto the roof for the last time to get some pictures of the new facade features up close and personal, as well as a couple of photos of the completed auditorium roof.

We'll post a photograph of the front of the building with the top layers of scaffolding removed just as soon as it stops raining enough long enough to take one...

The completed new auditorium roof

The completed roof above the front of the cinema

One of the new column tops

Another view of the new columns, as well as the window decoration

This decoration on the facade hasn't been seen at the front of the Regal for over forty years, so it's very exciting to see it finally gracing the front of the building again.

Although the decoration is white in these pictures, they've now recieved their first coat of paint, which is a more creamy colour. The shapes cut into the columns will house the green neon strips.

Inside the building, work continues apace in the auditorium. We'll have another restoration update for you with photographs from inside the auditorium soon!

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