Monday, 16 April 2012

A Facebook timeline of Regal history

If you're following us on facebook you'll probably have noticed that the page has swapped over to the new "timeline" style at the beginning of the month. As well as giving us a chance to show off some of our lovely pictures of the cinema in the 'cover' photo at the top of the page, the new style also has a timeline feature which allows us to create a facebook-based history of the cinema's lifetime.

From the opening day in 1937 right up to the present day, we'll be adding milestone events and interesting happenings from the cinema's history to the page, complete where possible with clippings from the local newspaper the Tenbury Wells Advertiser and photographs if we have them.

We're excited about this new way of sharing the Regal's history with you. If you know of something that you think should be featured in the timeline, just let us know and we'll be happy to add it for you.

If you're not following us on facebook yet, you can find the page at:

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