Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mystery film: 19

Congratulations to last week's guessers! Ian and Jenni on twitter and David and Stephen on facebook weren't afraid of no ghost. No, they knew who to call to say that the film was Ghostbusters!

The Ghostbusters script was originally written with three of the main characters to be played by John Belushi (Peter Venkmen, instead played by Bill Murray), Eddie Murphy (Winston Zeddmore, instead played by Ernie Hudson) and John Candy (Luis Tully, instead played by Rick Moranis). However, due to Belushi's death and the other two actors turning down the roles, the script was re-written and these characters' personalities and roles in the story changed as a result.

We've got another classic film for you to try your hand at guessing this week.
What do you make of this one?

Submit your guesses in the usual ways; on the blog, on twitter or on facebook.
Good luck and happy guessing! 

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