Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Introducing... the virtual Regal!

The time has come at last when we can pull back the curtains and reveal the start of our exciting web project; the virtual Regal!

Clicking over to the Regal online will take you straight to the opening page of our new website. The virtual Regal is an online representation of the cinema which, when complete, will contain photographs, written memories and oral histories of the Regal, all as told by real people.

The full website will continue to grow over the coming months as we unlock doors into the cinema itself and start to reveal to you some of the fascinating stories that we've captured so far. If you'd like to contribute to our collection of memories then you'll find an easy link to do so in the website's memory reel. We'd love to hear from you, whether you remember the Regal on its opening day or six months ago, or anything in between! Stories and memories from its life as a cinema, a theatre or any other function (yoga classes in the community centre? a visit to the hairdressers or cake shop at the front?) are all very welcome!

We hope you enjoy exploring the website. We'll keep you up to date through the blog as we upload new content.

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