Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mystery Film 24

Apparently some of you got a sinking feeling when you saw last week's picture... congratulations to those of you who knew that meant last week's film was the watery classic, Titantic. Rounds of applause go to Stephen on facebook.

Described as "an epic romantic disaster film" James Cameron's Titantic smashed through box office records like the iceberg smashed through the ill-fated ocean liner's hull. It was the highest grossing film of all time until its record was beaten by Cameron's own film, Avatar, in 2010. The footage at the opening of the film, of the Titantic at the bottom of the ocean, was shot by on an expedition funded by Cameron in 1995, before he pitched the idea of the film to 20th Century Fox, the studio behind Titantic.

Here's this week's film. What do you make of it?

Submit your answers in the usual fashion; via facebook, twitter or blog.

Happy guessing!

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