Thursday, 3 May 2012

Restoration: Return of the Seats!

As promised, we popped into the Regal again this week to take some more photographs now that the seats are back in the auditorium. Obviously we're a little biased, but we really think it's looking fabulous in there now.

Not wanting to give away too much, here's a couple of photographs from inside the auditorium.

We also promised you some photographs of the front of the building, and we wouldn't want to renage on that promise so here you go:

On both photos you can see the fabulous new detailing on the upper two floors of the cinema. You'll also be able to spot the tube in the grooves on the columns; this is the start of the neon lighting going in.

We hope you've enjoyed this sneak peak... look for more coming soon as more areas of the cinema are completed! 

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