Thursday, 18 April 2013

Flash Fiction: A Good Day to Die Hard

This week's Flash Fiction piece ran alongside the new Bruce Willis action film, 'A Good Day to Die Hard'. It was written by Garrie Fletcher.

Two friends enter a cinema, much like the one youre in now, sit down and wait for the film to start.

Andy: So, he's saving the world again then?

Brian: No, he doesn't save the world, he does what needs to be done, you know, things the average person can't do, stuff we can only dream of.

Andy: Huh? You think I want to go round indiscriminately killing people?

Brian: No, not at all. Look, our lives are pretty dull...

Andy: Speak for yourself.

Brian: In comparison to McClane, Mr Willis.

Andy: Yes?

Brian: Well, we all need a bit of excitement, something fantastical...

Andy: Ridiculous.

Brian: If you like, but something we can lose ourselves in and forget about all this...

Andy: What? This cinema?

Brian: No. Life, the day to day.

Andy: So you're saying  that whilst I'm going about life, working like a nutter, stressing over this , that and the other I don't really want to be thinking about my job or how to be a good dad, what I really want to be doing is blowing up skyscrapers, aeroplanes and assorted European bad guys?

Brian: Well, aren't you?

Andy: Hell yeah!

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