Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Flash Fiction: Introduction

As part of our aims to increase the reach of the work we do at the Regal, we're running a number of projects this year which take film and look at them through other artforms. One of these projects is the Flash Fiction project which we're running in conjunction with the fabulous Writing West Midlands.

To launch the project, three of WWM's upcoming new authors will be writing flash fiction to go with our April, May and June film programme. For those of you who don't know; flash fiction is basically very short stories, usually under 200 words long.

Look out for the works at film showings in April, May and June. You'll usually be able to pick them up as flyers to read before the film starts.

Once the films have aired we'll be sharing the flash fictions with you here on the blog, so that you can enjoy them even if you missed that particular film.

We're also opening up the floor to any aspiring writers out there who'd like to give this a go, so if you'd like to write your own flash fiction introduction for a film then get in touch! There will be lots of openings in our July-August film programme.


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