Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Behind door number one...

If you've been to the Regal before, have you ever wondered what was behind this door?

In case you've not been to the Regal before, it's a door at the top left of the auditorium (as you look into it from the front). The writing on the door says "NO EXIT" in gold, art deco capitals, and above the door you can see the outline of where a brass sign used to say the same.

So what's behind this mystery door? Well, I can show you!


That's right. It's... a room!

Well, of a sort. Although it looks like a room from this angle, in fact it's more like a very small covered courtyard. The back wall stops just about where the red pelmet starts in this picture (can you see the sliver of blueishness?) and from there to the height of the auditorium it's open on that one side. Not much of an opening though - the building next door is only about a half a metre away!

You can see a green downpipe in the corner beyond the doorway too. You should recognise that from the 'True Colour's post.

This room or courtyard is getting a new lease of life in the renovation process. The odd little space will become part of the ladies toilets, providing a washroom area for the new facilities.

I've been promised they'll put a proper roof on it first, though.

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