Monday, 21 November 2011

Object of the Week 3: Revealed!

We've had lots of correct guesses this week from all over the web, so well done to TC from Artrix, Stephen and Ian on twitter, David on facebook and Beaver on the blog, all of whom knew it was a film splicing machine, for joining together pieces of film. Or, as TC put it: "It's a splicy film reel fixy togethery machine!"

This is another picture of it, this time with the handle lifted up. You can see the little notches in the centre of the plate; these would have allowed the projectionist to perfectly align the two pieces of film so that the join was straight. The roll on the right hand side of the picture is tape, very much like sellotape but designed specially for sticking film together. 

Tools like these are still used in cinemas that show film on projectors. This one was still being used to join together film reels in the Regal right up until the closure for restoration.

Thanks to everyone who took part; we'll have another mystery film for you to mull over this weekend.

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