Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Spot the Difference

Today I'm bringing you the first of the pictures from inside the Regal during the restoration work! So that you can spot the changes, I'll include a picture of the same view from before the work started as well as one as it is now.

Other than the fact I stepped a bit further forwards to take the second picture, there's a few more obvious changes starting to happen!

As you can see, the chairs on the left and right side of the auditorium have been removed (they're being safely stored during this phase of the project and will be replaced later) and the central seats have been covered over with plastic sheeting. This is all so that the scaffolding, which you can see in the bottom of the shot, can be erected, allowing the contractors access to the roof. Replacing the old roof is one of the first major pieces of work to be done. The black plastic sheeting that covers the centre and right parts of the upper floor area will also cover the left hand side before the roof work begins.

You can see some lights sticking up out of the ground beside the aisles; these were the lights that were attached to the seats and lit the steps down into the auditorium. They've been left in place during the work because they will be remaining in the cinema after the work is complete.

You can also see some patches of different colours on the walls at the back of the auditorium, behind where the back row would have been. I'll be showing you a better picture of that in another post, but  even from this distance the areas where the yellow paint hasn't covered stand out.

There'll be more photos from inside the cinema to come soon, including a reveal of what's behind one of the doors at the back of the auditorium, some original paintwork colours and a new doorway!

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